RADAR: Edewaard

Edewaard, a budding alt-pop band from Eugene, OR, is "like Fleetwood Mac without the drama," jokes frontman, songwriter and namesake Matt Edewaard (ED-ah-ward). The comparison stems not from the legendary infighting and sexual tension that littered the iconic SoCal band's history but from Edewaard's affinity for the breezy melodies and, thanks to backing singer Katie Peters, the counterpoint of a female voice in the harmonies. Not yet a year old, the band has been on a whirlwind of non-stop gigging up and down the west coast and writing and recording the songs that were to become their second album release of 2013: Renominom Junction. Though Edewaard can still feel like they're growing into their sound and deepening their lyrical scope, the delicate balance of glossy production veneer and more artful impulses can transport songs like "Lightning" and lead track "Crazy" from the nostalgic past to the modern day.

Edewaard - "Lightning" (from Renominom Junction)

Edewaard - "Crazy" (from Renominom Junction)