RADAR: Corinna Rose

Corinna Rose has one of those soft, slightly off-kilter and unassuming voices that could be assessed as either overly languid or precocious. But on her new album Northeast Southwest, released last week in Canada, Rose also reveals herself as a charmingly eccentric chamber pop songwriter of depth and imagination. Like the title would suggest, Northeast Southwest travels pretty much all over the map in tone and style with songs like the ticking and twisty alt/folk surprise "There Is Darkness, There Is Light" slowly pulling back the curtain to display a full-stage of odd, occasionally jazzy time signatures, minor chord melange and harmonies that converge and split apart unpredictably. Self-produced with assistance from engineer Joseph Donovan (The Dears), NE SW invites the dropping of guards and the elimination of distractions while listening, all the better to savor the twinkling banjo lines of "So It Goes" bumping up against the shadows of orchestrated mood pieces ("Mirror") and quirky melodic lines ("Darcy D." -- listen after the jump). Stream the full album here.

Corinna Rose - 'There Is Darkness, There Is Light' (from Northeast Southwest)

Corinna Rose - 'Darcy (D.)' (from Northeast Southwest)