RADAR: Champs

 "There's nothing scientific about great music," observes David Champion, one half of the Brit sibling duo Champs, "it's just knowing how chords should move, what note will elevate a melody. It's feeling and passion. Simple really." David and brother Michael pretty much practice what they preach on Down Like Gold (February 24 Play It Again Sam U.K.), the debut album that follows up a well-received 2012 single "St. Peters." Recorded in a studio that was formerly a water tower in a royal retreat north of their Isle Of Wight seaside town, Down Like Gold has both melancholy and melody, a quaint U.K folk feel and loose indie attitude tucked firmly inside Brit Invasion nostalgia. Nothing too raggedy, nothing too buttoned up. It is a reflection, perhaps, of the countrified beards-and-flannel hippie atmosphere that's adhered to the area since the island's legendary 1970 music festival. Click through below to hear (and watch) "St. Peters."

Champs - "My Spirit Is Broken" (from Down Like Gold)

Champs - "St. Peters" (from Down Like Gold)