RADAR: Caitlin Canty

We first came across Nashville-bred, New-York-based performing songwriter Caitlin Canty when she joined up with Peter Bradley Adams for 2011's elegant Down Like Silver EP, a project that perfectly married the two understated voices with an assured if delicate touch. Canty stepped out solo for the second time last fall for Golden Hour, eleven exquisite songs of bedroom folk and gentle Americana that deserve a wider audience. Co-produced by Canty and Sam Kapala, Golden Hour radiates a lush, shimmering beauty despite a simple, stripped-down approach: recording solo, says Canty "in a big empty room, singing and playing my guitar in front of some beautiful microphones" and also with her studio band playing live in the studio together to "capture the magic of a live show." With harmonies from David Senft from Darlingside and Annie Lynch from Annie and the Beekeepers, songs like "Every Day" and "Go' draw the listener in, beckoning for a closer, more intimate experience where every note is savored, every word and breath as personal as a whisper. Stream "Never Again" after the jump and the full album at Canty's site.


Caitlin Canty - 'Still Here' (from Golden Hour)



Caitlin Canty - 'Never Again' (from Golden Hour)