RADAR: Bootstraps

There are moments on the quite magical self-titled debut album from California alt-pop trio Bootstraps where if you closed your eyes you could imagine Ray LaMontagne fronting an early incarnation of Coldplay. The raspy vocals matched up with the grand atmospheric melodies, the moody melancholy meets the quietly majestic. Or course there are other more downtempo moments that sound nothing like that odd combo. But that's the ethereal mystery of chain-smoking singer/songwriter Jordan Beckett and band, a group of college friends that were originally assembled to create songs for the soundtrack to the 2011 indie film Take Me Home -- and then expanded those tracks to their self-titled indie album of last fall. Recently signed to the reactivated and mightily eclectic label Harvest (via Universal), Bootstraps will see the re-release of their acclaimed LP in 2014, details (new tracks? new mix?) to be confirmed. Beckett smply says it will be "back soon, better than ever. Please stand by." For now, check out the lovely ode to the California coast -- "Oh Ca" -- and then click through for "Haywire."

Bootstraps - "Oh Ca" (from Bootstraps)

Bootstraps - "Haywire" (from Bootstraps)

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