RADAR: Anna Krantz

Piano-playing singer/songwriter Anna Krantz divides her time between New York and her U.K. home, playing the clubs of the Lower East Side and then to her native stomping ground in London. An in-demand session keyboardist, Krantz has also found success as a songwriter, both solo and as a collaborative co-writer with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Steve Booker (Duffy). "Anna was one of the first ever people I collaborated with," says Sheeran, "and I'm still playing the songs we wrote together today. She's an amazing songwriter and performer and it's always a pleasure to play shows with her." Last year the much-buzzed Sheeran called on Krantz to open for him at his showcases in New York. Krantz' latest EP Foundation is a collection of passionate and soulful songs that display her ability to meld dramatic force (the captivating title track, stream below) with breezy hook-filled melodies (latest single "Recharge My Heart".

Anna Krantz - 'Recharge My Heart' (from Foundation)

Anna Krantz - 'Foundation' (from Foundation)