RADAR: Alexander Fairchild

We know this about Alexander Fairchild. One, that's not his real name. Two, he was raised in Ontario Canada and now lives in New York City. Three, he fashions large-scale, retro-pop anthems with the greatest of ease. Four, he talks about Joni Mitchell and The Beatles like they just released new music. Five, he recently released the second of three EP's -- Where Do You Go -- leading up to a June full length imaginatively titled Alexander Fairchild Volume 1. Six, he's as impatient as he is prolific. "I'm beyond excited to share these new songs with everyone so I can get on with my life and write more new ones," he says, adding, "I enjoyed these songs the day I wrote them and today I drop them, like abandoned children, upon your doorstep. Be kind to them..." Blessed with an endless supply of heavenly hooks, Fairchild's songs won't be lonesome long. Stream "Where Do You Go" and watch the new video for "Tonight" after the jump...

Alexander Fairchild - 'Tonight'

Alexander Fairchild - 'Where Do You Go'