RADAR: Ajimal

Newcastle's Fran O'Hanlon is the creative force behind Ajimal, a self-described "shape shifting collaborative project" exploring the the dark, haunting shadows of what is euphemistically termed dream pop. With a spare, stripped back sound that leans heavily on intricate piano lines and O'Hanlon's expressive tenor -- which easily slips into a Jeff Buckley-ish falsetto -- Ajimal conjures up artful and serious songs that, in lesser hands, might fall into overwrought pathos. Instead, O'Hanlon keeps the emotional drama personal and direct, crafting complex melodic structures that, like the seven-minute opus "Wolf", play out like pieces of elaborate musical theater on a bare stage.  "This Human Joy" can be characterized as the definitive Ajimal track: sweeping and orchestral but built to human scale. Stream (and download) "Wolf" and watch the in-studio performance of "I've Known Your Heart" after the jump...

Ajimal - 'This Human Joy' (from Tell Where I Lie)

Ajimal - 'Wolf' Free Download

Photo Credit: Ian West