Rachel Sermanni - Under Mountains

Rachel Sermanni - Like Laura Marling, twenty-year-old Scottish neo-folk songwriter Sermanni has won praise for her exceptionally mature and artful music, taking acoustic melodies and expanding them into cinematic pieces of uncommon depth...debut album combines new songs with tracks pulled from singles and Sermanni's Black Currents EP released earlier this year, an auspicious introduction produced by Ian Grimble (Travis, Daughter) and promoted via the excellent Communion family of artists co-managed by Mumford and Sons Ben Lovett // Release: Under Mountains (September 19, U.K.) // Sounds like: Sermanni finds that sweet spot between refreshingly unadorned directness and artful ornamentation, quiet laments and soaring orchestration all centered around a darting sand-textured voice that moves from tumbling lyricism to moments of serene, sweeping grandeur...

Quote: "Dreams are a good reflection of what songs are. It’s quite a nice way to think about it. When I have a good dream, things are sorted out in my head and when I have a good song things are sorted out in my head. And everyone has their different interpretations of dreams and it’s the same with songs.” // What we like: songs like the marvelous "Breathe Easy" deceptively drift from languid chamber-folk to something grander -- by the time the final notes fade it suddenly dawns that despite the understated simplicity this is something special indeed..."Song For A Fox", our first introduction to Sermanni last year, ingratiates with a vocal so soft and rich you can practically feel her breath on your ear...The minor chord minimalism and haunting strings of "The Fog" bring the song's dark underpinnings slowly to the surface..."Eggshells", true to it's title, is a more delicate affair than her more experimental "Black Currents" jam, a sweetly serene, chamber-folk melody carried lightly by Sermanni's cool, breathy vocals...

Rachel Sermanni - "Eggshells" (from Under Mountains)

Rachel Sermanni - "Breathe Easy" (from Under Mountains)

Under Mountains Track Listing:

1. Breathe Easy
2. Bones
3. Waltz
4. Ever Since The Chocolate
5. The Fog
6. Little Prayer
7. Sea Oh See
8. Sleep
9. Marshmallow Unicorn
10. Black Current
11. Eggshells
12. Song To A Fox


Photo Credit: Fergus Feggans