Pascal Pinon - Twosomeness

Icelandic sisters Jófrídur and Ásthildur -- who go by the moniker Pascal Pinon -- are not to be confused with Pasqual Pinon, the early 1900's circus performer known as The Two Headed Mexican. That being said, there's is something of a eerie sororal wavelength being tapped throughout the duo's new, smartly-titled album Twosomeness (DIG: January 18, CD: February 5, Morr Music). Fittingly, they even sing "it's easy to become attached" on "The Clarinet Song". Produced by Sigur Rós & Jónsi studio wizard Alex Somers and exquisitely sung in English and Icelandic, Twosomeness delivers lovely folk hymns that have a near celestial quality, drifting dreamy songs of twinkling art/pop. Sounding at times like a indie bedroom version of Enya, songs like "When I Can't Sleep" and "Bloom" alternately emit chilly electronics and the soothing warmth of angels singing in perfect harmony.

Pascal Pinon - 'When I Can't Sleep' (from Twosomeness)
Pascal Pinon - 'Perney (One Thing)' (from Twosomeness)