Noah and the Whale - Heart of Nowhere

The twee bow ties and art-school smarty-pants folk/pop seem so, oh, five years ago for Charlie Fink and his Brit band Noah and the Whale. The subtle drift toward a new, more dynamic and band-based sound has been in the works over the course of the band's last couple of albums, bringing a more vibrant, beat-laden mix to much of 2011's Last Night on Earth. The new Heart of Nowhere, due May 6 in the U.K., ratchets up what they call a "tighter, sparser and more muscular sound" thanks to the honing of a more powerful live show (not surprisingly, Heart was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs) and some fat bass and drum dynamics via an ear-grabbing mix by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire). All that can be summed up rather tidily in "Heart of Darkness" featuring Anna Calvi on vocals, a track that takes it's cue from what was once quaintly described as "dance/rock" in the 80's: when new wave hit the dance floor with big, gobsmacking 4/4 beats, a sweetening of strings and lots of open air in the production. Further proof: "There Will Come A Time" (stream and watch the video after the jump)...

Noah and the Whale - 'Heart of Nowhere' (from Heart of Nowhere)

Noah and the Whale - 'There Will Come A Time' (from Heart of Nowhere)