Nataly Dawn - How I Knew Her

If you're familiar with Nataly Dawn it's probably through her work with Pomplamoose, the youtube wunderkind duo who turned a series of witty cover songs into over 80 million online views and, of course, subsequent major blog buzz. But Dawn, a supremely talented singer and songwriter, clearly has more on her mind as she steps out on her own with How I Knew Her, a sharp and smartly dressed collection of songs arriving this week via Nonesuch. There's a distinctive whiff of wit and whimsy throughout How i Knew Her, as the breezy theatrics of songs like "Leslie" and "Araceli" (stream after the jump) elicit a both a tapping toe and a wry smile. There are a few moments of quiet introspection here and there but most of Dawn's dozen new songs have a cool modern cabaret-meets-music-hall atmosphere more akin to a tipsy Disney soundtrack than the ongoing parade of the earnest-meets-ironic alterno-pop purveyors and their minions.

Natally Dawn - 'Leslie' (from How I Knew Her)

Nataly Dawn - 'Araceli' from How I Knew Her)