My Sad Captains - Best of Times

Think of the music generated by Brit band My Sad Captains as the shoegaze's nerdy, acid-dropping and loner cousin. Steeped in hazy atmosphere and built on a foundation of slow-cured instrumental minimalism, the songs of the band's remarkable, self-produced third album Best of Times (March 18, Bella Union UK) seem to drift in and out of sonic focus at will, to mix a couple of sensory metaphors. There are trace elements of cerebral art/pop from eras past -- Talk Talk, The Church, even a taste of early Pink Floydian psychedelica -- while keeping a light and spacious harmonic touch and a modern feel. Tracks like the gorgeous, droning (in a good way) "Wide Open" play out like meditational hymns, layers of instruments gradually shifting in meticulous construction, Ed Wallis' hushed vocals adding a sense of strange calm as the music swells and swirls below in slow motion. Headphone music or the perfect soundtrack to a lonely 3am highway drive. Click through to stream "Hardly There" and watch the video for "Goodbye." Stream the full album here.

My Sad Captains - "Wide Open" (from Best of Times)

My Sad Captains - "Hardly There" (from Best of Times)