Minor Alps - Get There

After a couple of decades running parallel careers crafting sharply defined indie rock tempered with a slew of crisp alt-pop melodies, it seems only logical that Juliana Hatfield and Matthew Caws would creatively intersect at some point. With Hatfield's rough-hewn guitar jangles and Caws retro gems mined in the Brooklyn power/popping trio Nada Surf, the sweet/bitter songcraft gets a surprisingly warm and affectionate embrace with their harmonious collaboration Minor Alps and debut effort Get There (October 29, Barsuk). Like all good pairings, Hatfield and Caws share the song writing credits, instrumental duties (minus the drums) and vocal chores, a split that has an eerie quality when it's hard to tell where one voice ends and another picks up. Looking for what Juliana calls a musical "mind meld," Minor Alps is a hearty song stew that ranges from delicate folk/pop to the occasional jolt of electric-power riffs. Check out the nimble, loose-limbed "Lonely Low" below and then click through to stream "Far From The Roses" and watch the video for "I Don't Know What to Do With My Hands."

Minor Alps - "Lonely Low" (from Get There)

Minor Alps - "Far From The Roses" (from Get There)