Midlake - Antiphon

“Less folk, more rock...less nostalgic, more progressive,” is how Midlake guitarist (and now vocalist) Eric Pulido succinctly sums up the band’s new album Antiphon (November 5, ATO). Naming their new album for the "call and response" singing found in spirituals and Gregorian chants, Midlake finds itself emerging from a regrouping period with original frontman and songwriter Tim Smith leaving the band midway through the creation of a fourth album. The "response" is now the evolution of the band's sound as they went back to begin the studio work anew: from the lo-fi mind benders and jazzy meanderings of their 2004 debut through the 70's-styled, Brit-influenced folk/rock of their more recent recordings and now to a curious but winning hybrid that might be termed soft/prog. Tipping their post-hippie hats to the influences of such seminal 70's art/rock stalwarts as Jethro Tull and a less frenetic King Crimson, the members of Midlake are eager to explore their own creative impulses. Click through to stream the title track.

Midlake - "Aurora Gone" (from Antiphon)

Midlake - "Antiphon" (from Antiphon)

Listen to the full album at NPR.