Megan Wyler - Through The Noise

Megan Wyler spent her childhood in America far from what might be quaintly referred to as civilization -- a rural mountainside homestead with no electricity and her family's herd of goats to keep her company. A move to New York City at 18 and then to her current home in London have given her a more urbanized setting for her songs but listening to her debut album Through The Noise, there's a sense that Wyler has maintained her appreciation for the quiet. The production on tracks like the sweet chamber-pop gem "Zither" or album opener "The Fool" emphasizes the space between the notes, a spare and unhurried approach that brings Wyler's gentle and airy vocals into sharp relief while keeping the overall feel intimate and personal. Collaborator, instrumentalist and producer Adem Ilham recorded Wyler solo with the barest minimum of backing and then colored the sound with additional instruments -- played by himself and Wyler -- and then string arrangements for added depth and drama. Stream "Zither" and watch a video of the album's title track when you click through below...

Megan Wyler - "The Fool" (from Through The Noise)

Megan Wyler - "Zither" (from Through The Noise)