Meg Hutchinson - Beyond That

Meg Hutchinson's aptly titled new album Beyond That via (September 24, Red House) reunites the acclaimed singer/songwriter with veteran Boston producer Crit Harmon for a new and decidedly different project that's also been described as her most intricate and experimental production to date. Looking to find what she describes as "new sounds," Hutchinson says "I felt that I had reached a new landscape in myself and I wanted the album to reflect that." Since her 2010 album The Living Side, Hutchinson took up piano and yoga, built a home studio and often simply unplugged from the 24/7 technology addiction. Hutchinson's new songs like the lovely "Let's Go" reflect that transformative bent. "Set to elegant, free-floating melodies that feel both modern and rooted, her lyrics are always seeking, if not actually finding, hope at the end of life's dark tunnels." - The Boston Globe. Click through below to watch the video for lead track "Only Just Begun" and stream "Yellow Room"...

Meg Hutchinson - "Let's Go" (from Beyond That)

Meg Hutchinson - "Yellow Room" (from Beyond That)

Photo Credit: Stephan Hoglund