Lord Huron - Lonesome Dreams

Ben Schneider's musical alter ego came from his Michigan boyhood and proximity to the body of water known as Lake Huron, a backdrop of natural splendor and wide open spaces that the 29-year-old songwriter and visual artist taps into for his impressionistic stew of cinematic folk/rock storytelling and tropical polyrhythmic undertow. Majestic new Lord Huron album Lonesome Dream (October 9) is not only one of the best albums we've heard this year, it's certainly one of the busiest albums to boot, a constantly shifting foundation of Fleet Foxes-styled clattering rhythm tapestry draped over songs that spring from Japanese folk melodies, Italian spaghetti western themes, jangling indie pop and crooning Laurel Canyon alt-country harmonies. “As I got older, I got more into world music," says Schneider. "I see it as layers on top of this American folk core.” That arresting stylistic mashup can be heard in all of its glory on "The Man Who Lives Forever" and "Ends of the Earth", songs that shimmy like dusty tumbleweeds along a Calypso parade. Check out the amusing "sub-titled" video for "Time To Run" below.

Lord Huron - "The Man Who Lives Forever" (from Lonesome Dreams)

Lord Huron - "Ends of the Earth" (from Lonesome Dreams)