London Grammar - Metal and Dust EP

The lightly chilled bedroom electro-pop of much-buzzed trio London Grammar is heavy on the spacious atmospherics and moody trip-hop beats, creating a relatively open stage for Hannah Reid's rich, haunting and spotlight-grabbing vocals. Songs from their new EP Metal and Dust (June 25, Columbia) throb with a gentle, almost symphonic pulse -- minus the heavy production -- recalling the lush, plugged-in melodies of Zero 7 or the more beat-driven songs of Everything But The Girl. Knob twiddlers and compu-keyboardists Dot Major and Dan Rothman lay down the digitally textured soundscapes with no small amount of skill and restraint, but the art/pop proceedings would come across as a generically mellow rehash without the stunning instrument that is Hannah Reid's voice. Yes, it's that good. Stream (and watch the video for) "Wasting My Young Years" below. EP available at iTunes now...

London Grammar - "Metal and Dust" (from the Metal and Dust EP)

London Grammar - "Wasting My Young Years" (from the Metal and Dust EP)