Listen: Vikesh Kapoor - "Carry Me, Home"

As one song chapter of his brilliant debut album The Ballad of Willy Robbins, Vikesh Kapoor's "Carry Me, Home" (Mama Bird Recording) is framed amidst a tale of working class American dreams drained, dashed and discarded. Raised in rural Pennsylvania, educated in New England, inspired by social activism as well as the music of Dylan, Seeger and Guthrie, Kapoor spent two years in Portland, OR, writing the songs that were to become Willy Robbins. "Epidemics like lack of health insurance options, apathy for government change, and small business being elbowed out by big business line the underbelly of our country- and we know it," says Kapoor. "I wanted to sing about these things through the scope of one man's struggle."A U.S. tour begins November 5. Click through to watch a live performance of "Carry Me, Home."

Vikesh Kapoor - "Carry Me, Home" (from The Ballad of Willy Robbins)