Listen: Tom Baxter - "String and Bow"

For London-based songwriter Tom Baxter, 2013 was a time of personal upheaval thanks to the crash and burn of an eleven year marriage and the rough aftermath that followed. He toured and recorded new songs with his band but then decided to shelve them. "I'm writing 2013 off," he writes, "consigning it to the emotional trashcan, chalking it up to experience and letting it become part of my life's crazy patchwork quilt." Baxter decided to release the early, stripped down versions of his new songs as The Uncarved Block, Part 1 and the lovely "String and Bow" is one of the best. The title does conjure up a little Valentine cupid imagery even if it sounds like these arrows might lyrically be drawing some emotional blood. Sample the full album here.

Tom Baxter - "String and Bow"