Listen: The Mispers - "Coasts"

Not everyone listening to The Mispers for the first time will be able to get past frontman Jack Balfour Scott's  vocals -- let's just call them "distinctive." But as we noted in our RADAR post of last year, "Scott's cracking, croaking vocals add a peculiar drama and vulnerability" to the band's music and new song "Coasts" from the London band is one of the best examples of why The Mispers have moved from blogosphere buzz to headlining shows and wowing both critics and fans in the U.K. While they've been lumped in with the surging crowd of post-Mumford energized pub-folkers, the band sees themselves in a different light. At first we were being called folk – we know that isn’t true," says Scott. "I think of myself in a rock and roll band. We bring a bit of attitude."

The Mispers - "Coasts"