Listen: Steve Nieve - "Tender Moment (Kairos)" (featuring Elvis Costello)

The word "kairos" is Greek for "the right moment to do something," an apt designation for the recent creative alliance of keyboardist Steve Nieve and Elvis Costello. As a member of both Elvis' Attractions and Imposters over the course of  more than three decades, Nieve called upon his old chum and bandmaster/employer when it came down to adding vocals to some songs he had written for his new solo project ToGetHer (429 Records). Nieve and Costello wrote one song together - the Sting-sung “You Lie Sweetly”- and they duet here on “Tender Moment (Kairos),” a piano-backed tune that exposes the gentle side of the original angry young man and his longtime wingman.

Steve Nieve - "Tender Moment (Kairos)" (featuring Elvis Costello)