Listen: Snowflake - "Hurricane"

At its genesis, Snowflake was the singular vision of a single man, producer/mixer/engineer D. James Goodwin. Holed up in the Catskills in 2012, Goodwin wrote and recorded the entire debut Snowflake LP, We All Grow Toward The Sea, by himself. Having worked with artists like Norah Jones, Kaki King, Murder By Death, The Bravery, and Devo, this was to be Goodwin’s own project and he wanted to be at the heart of every sound. On “Hurricane,” we hear Snowflake blending the keyboard wash of The Alan Parson Project with the bombast and beauty of ’70s Pink Floyd. In due time the song builds on its meandering, swirling opening, layer upon layer, becoming a big, bright hunk of technicolor art-rock.

Snowflake - "Hurricane" (from We All Grow Toward the Sea)