Listen: Sarah McLachlan - "Find Your Voice"

Curmudgeonly scrooges and party-poopers need not apply when it comes to "Find Your Voice", the inspirational new "holiday collaboration" from Sarah McLachlan and students of her own Sarah McLachlan School of Music. Begun as a charitable outreach to underprivileged and "at risk" students in the Vancouver area, the school offers a variety of courses in both classical and contemporary music. Says Sarah: “When I was growing up, we had music in our schools. It was a given. These days many of these programs are not available. I don’t know what I would have done without music in my life when I was growing up. I was unpopular and picked on, but for me, music was my refuge and solace – the one thing I knew I was good at; it fed me and kept me going." Visit Sarah's School of Music website to donate and download the song for free (and look for a new studio album in 2013). Watch the video below.

Sarah McLachlan - "Find Your Voice" Free Download