Listen: Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos - "Hello, San Francisco"

Claiming both indie and Indy as descriptors, Hoosier-based Margot and The Nuclear So and Sos are readying the April 22 release of their fifth album Sling Shot to Heaven. The goal this time around, says frontman and songwriter Richard Edwards, was to “make a record that came across like a sci-fi dream about my decade of touring and making records obsessively while slowly becoming an adult, or at least something vaguely resembling one.” And on the album's lead track: "I got a silly idea in my head that I wanted an album to start with the lines, ‘Hello, San Francisco! Baby, I don’t ever wanna die,’ and it took a while for me to write a halfway decent song around that pre-conceived bit of silliness.” In our humble opinion, Edwards ended up surpassing his modest aspirations. Lovely stuff, this.

Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos - "Hello, San Francisco" (from Sling Shot to Heaven)