Listen: Lisa Mitchell - 'You Pretty Thing'

Lisa Mitchell's remarkable music -- particularly her sprawling, addictive 2012 psychedli-art-pop epic Bless This Mess -- hasn't made much of dent beyond the confines of the Australian coastline but the bracing, rather unconventional bit of rock riffed magic of "You Pretty Thing" might be the track that gets her noticed here in the good ol' U. S. of A. It's a lovenote to New York City, you see, a brilliantly produced track of dense guitar layers and Mitchell's heavily reverbed, girlish vocals, a massive melodic anthem that sounds like it should be a Springsteen cover. It's also unlike anything else on Bless This Mess -- something you could say about any of the album's 12 distinctive tracks. Follow along with the lyrics after the jump (and don't be shy -- give it some volume)...

Lisa Mitchell - "You Pretty Thing" (from Bless This Mess)

"You Pretty Thing"

I've been thinking of you
Been dreaming of you,
New York City, you pretty thing.
Life is young there,
Love is real there,
America - you know what I mean?

Like the seed below the snow, dreams of Spring,
I've been dreaming of you,
Your sun kissed skin.
I've been listening to you deserts sing,
Beneath your softest sunsets, you,

You pretty thing
You pretty thing
Oh you pretty thing
Yeah you pretty thing

Stay true, dear Melbourne
You're so dark and unshaven,
By the hand you led me, through your winding alleys
Beneath your ghostly gum-trees,
Oh, I hope you know,
You're dear to me
You're dear to me
You pretty thing
You pretty thing

New York,
I hear you calling