Listen: Jennie Abrahamson - "Snowstorm"

Swedish songstress Jennie Abrahamson has spent the last couple of years working on her new album Gemini Gemini as well as touring the globe as backup singer with Peter Gabriel's band. That latter role has obviously influenced her latest songs, particularly with the Gabriel-ian use of dense, multi-layered rhythms and an adventurous art-rock streak. We'll have more on Gemini once it's officially released stateside -- for now, dig into "Snowstorm," a song that "was written after a weird, dramatic, dream I had one night," says Abrahamson. "I dreamt that this world had come to an end, and that we were all going down – not through heat or bombs – but through a storm that would cover the whole world under a silencing blanket of snow." She adds, "What ended up on the album is the same arrangement as on my first demo of it. Voice, a kalimba (thumb piano), a wooden block for the 2 & 4 and some different china cymbals – that’s it. I wanted to keep it simple and keep the arrangement centered around my voice."

Jennie Abrahamson - "Snowstorm" (from Gemini Gemini)