Listen: Hard Working Americans - "Down To The Well"

"Down To The Well" is our first audible peek at the eponymous debut album due January 21 from Hard Working Americans, a new band pulled together by singer and songwriter Todd Snider that includes Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools and guitarist Neil Casal (Ryan Adams' Cardinals). “I think we work harder than a lot of people, people who wave flags a lot," says Snider, who also tosses Tonya Harding, Courtney Love and Mike Tyson into that "hard working" category. "I wanted to find a name that would poke fun at the people who think that the phrase ‘hard working Americans’ applies to them and only them.” HWA's songs go beyond irony, however, to embrace themes of economic despair and working class struggles -- a perfect setting for lead track "Down To The Well," a new version of a song originally recorded by Kevin Gordon (who also co-wrote it with Colin Linden) and Lucinda Williams.

Hard Working Americans - "Down To The Well" (from Hard Working Americans)