Listen: Fanfarlo - "Myth of Myself"

We don't have an album title. We don't have a street date. But we do know that the British art/pop band Fanfarlo have completed their third album and they can't wait to share the project's first track: "Myth of Mysel" (with the subtitle "A Ruse to Exploit Our Weaknesses"). The song, says founder Simon Balthazar, a "rallying cry to (wo)man the barricades against the individual and all those who would have us believe this poisonous ruse." He adds, "It is also the first song from our forthcoming third album, a record that in its own playfully serious / seriously playful way looks at human evolution and the weirdness of being this thing we call a person." Less frenetic that the band's earlier poly-rhythmic productions -- "imagine if David Byrne had graduated recently from some British art school" we opined on their last album -- "Myth" retain's the band's prog-pop charm but with a more measured, less caffeinated tone.

Fanfarlo - "Myth Of Myself"