Listen: Ben Folds & Alicia Witt - Theme from Pasadena (You Can Go Home)

Ben Folds, acerbic and melodic pianoman, and Alicia Witt, L.A.-based actress and singer-songwriter, are an item in and out of the studio—a fact that provides an interesting romantic backdrop for their Burt-Bacharachish "Theme From Pasadena (You Can Go Home)." In addition to promoting her new indie film Pasadena, which co-stars director Peter Bogdanovich and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines, Witt has been in Nashville laying down some new tracks with Folds producing. Ben, meanwhile, is busy getting the newly rejuvenated Ben Folds Five out on the road in support of last year's Top 10-charting The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind while planning a 2014 tour that will pair him with a variety of local symphony orchestras. Sultry, chic and cool-as-a-tall-cocktail on a warm night, the Folds/Witt co-write "Theme From Pasadena (You Can Go Home)" is also a promising preview of things to come. Click through below to watch the in-studio video.

Ben Folds & Alicia Witt - "Theme from Pasadena (You Can Go Home)"