Listen: Alex Dezen - "None of These Things"

As The Damnwells regroup for the release of their fifth album, chief songwriter and frontman Alex Dezen is also rolling out four Bedhead EP's for 2014, lo-fi bedroom recordings written and recorded in his L.A apartment and finished up in an Austin, TX, studio. "None of These Things" is the best of three songs on the first EP, a track that has an undeniable immediacy thanks to its stripped piano-guitar production and Dezen's gentle rasp of a vocal. The release also kicks off a series of house concerts that he says offer "the opportunity to do away with everything but the song, to strip the artifice that commerce and its mechanical bull fist foists upon art, and perform straight from that tangled ball of mystery I think might just be the heart.” Click through to watch the video for another track -- "HELLp" -- and stream the full EP here.

Alex Dezen - "None of These Things" (from Bedhead EP 1/4)