Listen: Aimee Mann - "Baby Blue" (Badfinger)

You really didn't expect us to hold Aimee Mann's wonderful (sadly unavailable) 1993 version of "Baby Blue" until our Friday Cover, did you? Last night's Breaking Bad finale put the original Badfinger version through the paces in the show's much buzzed closing scene and we can say without fear of contradiction that track is one of the best, most defining songs of the early 70's (and a perfect ode to one Walter White). It's a masterpiece from the band's brilliant songwriter, the late, great Pete Ham. But Aimee does the song proud with this anthemic, razor-sharp jangle-rock take. Guitars really do rule, don't they? Click through below to stream the Badfinger original.

Aimee Mann - "Baby Blue" (Badfinger Cover)

Badfinger, circa 1971.