Listen: Aby Wolf - "Permission"

With her remarkable vocal range and distinctive style, Minneapolis' Aby Wolf has never felt the need to be tied down to any one specific genre, instead embracing and exploring everything from stripped acoustic folk to deep, dense electronica and that special Twin Cities hybrid of modern R+B/funk with a hip-hop tip -- all with an adventurous flair for intriguing vocal arrangements. New February 19 album Wolf Lords finds the singer working alongside noted local songwriter, producer and beat-master Grant Cutler -- and now fellow Wolf Lord, it would appear -- and lead track "Permission" dives into the swirling Bjork-ian deep end of dense synthesized backing and dazzling electronic beats. It's anthemic pop splendor highlighted by Wolf's incandescent singing and caught in a slo-mo time warp, a soaring hymn that almost sounds too big to be contained by mere kilobytes. Organic? Hardly. Impressive? You bet.

Aby Wolf (Wolf Lords) - 'Permission' (from Wolf Lords) Free Download