Lily & Madeleine - The Weight of the Globe

It's hard to imagine two voices as pure and naturally unaffected as those belonging to Lily & Madeleine, a pair of 16 and 18-year-old sisters from Indianapolis who perform their extraordinary songs with a whisper-close intimacy and wise-beyond-their-years sensibility. For the Jurkiewicz siblings' debut EP The Weight of the Globe on (CD/Vinyl: June 11, Asthmatic Kitty) producer Paul Mahern (John Mellencamp, The Fray) wisely keeps the focus on Lily and Madeleine's voices as tracks like "Things I'll Later Lose" and "Back to the River" (below) are presented with only the simplest of ornamentation. In fact we actually prefer the stunning clarity captured in the haunting, even more bare bones production of the video for "Things I'll Later Lose" (a must-see after the jump).

Lily & Madeleine - 'Things I'll Later Lose' (from The Weight of the Globe)

Lily & Madeleine - 'Back to the River' (from The Weight of the Globe)