Lily & Madeleine - S/T

It's certainly possibly that if the Indy-based teen duo Lily and Madeleine weren't actually sisters their voices could still sound as pure and naturally unaffected as they do on their extraordinary self-titled debut album (October 29, Asthmatic Kitty). But we think there's something in the sororal bond at work here, a perfectly matched tone, an effortlessly graceful harmony, a preternatural sympatico that stems uniquely from their DNA. For the full length successor to their debut EP The Weight of the Globe, the Jurkiewicz sisters have once again found priceless support from producer Paul Mahern (John Mellencamp, The Fray) and co-songwriter Kenny Childers of Gentleman Caller. The dozen new songs have a delicate, whisper-close intimacy and Mahern keeps the girls' crystalline vocals front and center with simple, uncluttered backing. Case in point: "Sounds Like Somewhere," a song that might be described as haunting if it wasn't quite so angelic. Click through for "Lost Upon The Sea" and videos...

Lily and Madeleine - "Sounds Like Somewhere" (from Lily and Madeleine)

Lily and Madeleine - "Lost Upon The Sea" (from Lily and Madeleine)