Lapland - S/T

Singer/songwriter Josh Mease chose his new musical alias Lapland while browsing the bargain stacks at a neighborhood used book store. Lappland Wanderland, a book illustrated with distant, often barren landscapes, seemed the right inspiration for Mease's own new work, a collection of self-produced, one-man-band and DIY tunes created in a something of a self-imposed musical 'exile' in his one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment. Mease's new moniker also indicates a new direction and a fresh start. The self-titled Lapland project (March 26) comes four years after Mease's sparkling 2009 debut Wilderness, an album praised for it's exquisitely crafted songs and gentle, intimate approach to alternative pop. That songwriting skillset happily remains in full glory as Mease's new songs, a mix of soaring melodies and beautifully turned hooks, take on a bolder, more contemporary production sound. Strummed acoustics and glittering keyboard chordings abound alongside Mease's tender tenor vocals but songs like the synth-driven "Unwise" (listen below) bring in a more prominent electronic pulse to Lapland's ethereal tone. "Where Did You Go", meanwhile, chugs amiably along armed with an infectiously melodic chorus and Mease's multi-layered vocals.

Lapland - 'Where Did It Go' (from Lapland)

Lapland - 'Unwise' (from Lapland)