Lanterns On The Lake - Until The Colours Run

Finding that elusive sweet spot between the intimate and the grandiose, the music Lanterns On The Lake has that epic widescreen and symphonic feel of the best progressive inclinations while keeping the relationship with the listener distinctly personal. Since the release of their critically-praised 2011 debut, the Newcastle band has lost members and found themselves -- and friends and family-- struggling financially in a bleak economic climate. But the adversity has made their sumptuously textured new album Until The Colours Run (US: January 14, Bella Union; UK: Out now) what singer/lyricist Hazel Wilde calls "a personal journey through modern life – hope, despair, love and desperate times.” That oddly elated feeling of "nothing left to lose," she adds, makes for an album "bursting with a huge amount of colour and life that reaches out from the darkness." Nowhere is that demonstrated more dramatically than on "Another Tale of Another English Town," a sublime track of melodic art-pop writ extra-large. Click through to stream "The Buffalo Days."

Lanterns On The Lake - "Another Tale From Another English Town" (from Until The Colours Run)

Lanterns On The Lake - "The Buffalo Days" (from Until The Colours Run)