Kristina Train - Dark Black

We first discovered Georgia-raised singer and songwriter Kristina Train playing before a small crowd at a club on New York's Lower East Side in 2006. Signed to the prestigious Blue Note label, Train ultimately headed to London where she found kindred music souls in tunesmith Ed Harcourt and producer Jimmy Hogarth (Duffy, Sia). Months after the release of her shamefully ignored 2009 debut Spilt Milk, Train toured the world with jazz legend Herbie Hancock as part of his recent Imagine Project and then decided to move back to London. Teamed up once again with co-writer Harcourt and producer Martin Craft, Train now delivers Dark Black (November 6) a sumptuous and seductive collection of vintage-sounding pop. “I really wanted to blend technology with very basic, organic styles of playing and performing – live guitar and drums," says Kristina, "and then filling in the spaces with synthetic sounds; and treating those as sounds in themselves." With a soulful, slightly husky voice that seems to be simultaneously merging Dusty Springfield and Norah Jones, Train turns songs like "Dream of Me" and the absolutely gorgeous title track from a retro gem into a modern timeless classic. Watch the videos -- particularly the new title track -- below...


Kristina Train - "Dark Black" (from the album Dark Black)


Kristina Train - "Dream of Me" (from the album Dark Black)