Keaton Henson - Birthdays

Treading down the lonely, desolate introspective folk path blazed (quietly) by the likes of William Fitzsimmons and the more subdued side of Damien Rice, 24-year-old London songwriter Keaton Henson delivers his scathing, bruised tales of lament in a whispered tone. A graphic illustrator by trade who has suffered from severe panic attacks, Henson has nonetheless found his own quavering voice with a series of haunting songs that arrived last year with his acclaimed debut album Dear...(The Guardian: Henson's "private agony is proving addictive"). Second full-length Birthdays (February 25 UK) comes on the heels of last fall's "Sweetheart What Have You Done to Us", an EP with an eerie, echoing title track that created some serious critical and bloggy angst-fest buzz, diehard fans picking apart his forlorn lyrics and professing major love-osity. "Do not listen to Keaton Henson after 12am," wrote one Henson devotee on tumblr, "because you will cry for no reason and it won’t stop". The distant impersonal online relationships are perfect for the ultra-shy Henson, a performer who struggles with the idea of writing about others or even sharing his music. "The listeners aren't really thinking about my heartache, or my long walks," he tells one scribe. "Music is entirely subjective, and we don't listen to an artist to feel sorry for them we listen to feel sorry for ourselves." Stream new track "Lying to You" below...

Keaton Henson - 'Sweetheart What Have You Done To Us' from Birthdays)

Keaton Henson - 'Lying to You' (from Birthdays)