Kazyak - See the Forest, See the Trees

Kazyak is the musical brainchild of Peter Frey, a Minneapolis-based a guitarist, pianist and studio bandleader whose original music falls somewhere between traditional singer/songwriting and progressive-styled, instrumental composition. There's also a distinct sense of improvisation that runs through the elaborately laid out themes in the perfectly-titled See The Forest, See The Trees (May 14) that gives Kazyak a loose, adventurous streak that redefines, in a way, any preconceptions of what we might think of as chamber/pop. Songs ebb and flow, build and subside as melodies fade and then appear again, Frey's fret work, a combination of gentle picking and harder edged minor-chord riffs and glistening solo lines, waltzing and strutting amid piano, banjo and some of the best drum work we've heard on any album this year. Both abstract and impressionistic, songs like "Pieces of My Map" combine folk melodies and an inspired, seat-of-your-pants art/rock attitude. Stream "Part I: Rabbiting Fox" after the jump...

Kazyak - 'Pieces of My Map' (from See the Forest, See the Trees)

Kazyak - 'Part I: Rabbiting Fox' (from See the Forest, See the Trees)