Jenny O. - Automechanic

It seems only fitting that producer Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Dawes) went to the analog 2" tape to record Automechanic, the just-released debut longplayer from Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jenny O. While many of her LA-LA-land contemporaries can't think of anything finer than a perfectly modulated synth beat, Jenny O. is happiest pursuing the more organic 70's styled folk/pop sound of nearby Laurel Canyon. A soft girlish voice and an uncanny way around a spry, hummable chorus hook are two most prominent features of the perfectly-titled Automechanic, an album that manages to be both vulnerable and knowing at the same time, sharp but sympathetic observations that ring true even as the sunny melodies burrow deep, and happily, inside your medulla oblongata before making a beeline for your heart. Listen to the way the the guitars practically shimmer like heat off of blacktop on the title track or the way Jenny's achingly tender vocals in the exquisite "Opposite Island" (listen below) turn a stripped bit of chamber pop into something beautiful beyond words.

Jenny O. - 'Automechanic' (from Automechanic)

Jenny O. - 'Opposite Island' from Automechanic)