Jenn Grant - The Beautiful Wild

Canadian songwriter Jenn Grant returns from the giddy retro-pop high of her Juno-nominated 2011 album Honeymoon Punch with The Beautiful Wild, a sharply focused but diverse new collection of intelligent, finely-crafted indie pop songs. With a theme of "finding the courage to lose oneself in the wilderness, in all of its savage and sublime experiences", The Beautiful Wild gets a belated but welcome U.S. release February 5 after dropping last September up north. Since her 2005 debut, the Halifax, Nova Scotia native has found a significant following within and beyond the indie music community, deftly walking the line between sharp-hooked folk/pop melodies and a grab bag of arty, occasionally nostalgic influences. Grant's new songs maintain that "kitchen sink" philosophy, melding horns and a jazzy 60's flair ("One More Night"), pulsing 70's Fleetwood Mac-ian choruses ("The Fighter") and even a touch of Feist-like alt-pop splendor ("I've Got Your Fire") -- all centered around a voice soaked in a mix of molasses and warm whiskey.

Jenn Grant - 'Hollywood' (from The Beautiful Wild)

Jenn Grant - 'I've Got Your Fire' (from The Beautiful Wild)