Jay Nash - Letters From The Lost

With his seventh full-length Letters From The Lost (May 14), singer/songwriter Jay Nash, we're sorry to say, just keeps making it that much harder for all those budding newbie troubadours out there. Rather than fade into repetition and rote predictability Nash keeps raising the bar on his own fine music while broadening the boundaries. Recorded at his Vermont home, Letters, as the title implies, is more of a collection disparate moods and approaches than a single-themed concept and the varied styles -- what Nash calls "new sonic directions" --  from rustic rooted folk to a new foray into electronics-powered indie rock edges. It is, notes Nash. "a new direction for me." He adds, "I didn’t have an agenda. I didn’t start out with a specific story to tell. I just set out seeking resonance and truth." We've quickly made "Wander" a favorite in our current song rotation, a song that combines a darker dramatic tone via some shimmering guitar fret work and Nash's expressive vocals. Stream "Sailor" and watch the "Wander" video after the jump...

Jay Nash - 'Wander' (from Letters From The Lost)

Jay Nash - 'Sailor' (from Letters From The Lost)