Jay Leighton - Hours

On his debut album Hours (May 14), British singer/songwriter Jay Leighton aims for the grand anthems and classic rock melodies gleaned from hours spent with his father's album collection. And if there was any question that Leighton proudly wears his influences directly on his sleeve, the new single "Wish I Was Springsteen" should dispel any doubt immediately. These songs, memorable in their basic structure and simple chord changes, are crafted with the attitude that in songwriting, less is more. "In some ways, I’m constrained by my lack of ability," Leighton admits. "If I was a better guitar player, I don’t think I’d be able to write songs!" But whatever perceived lack of sophistication songs like "Too Late To Turn Your Back On Me" and "Sentimental Things" may offer in composition, the production from Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers) amps up the sound to arena-sized scope with a dense, glossy layer of Coldplay-styled sheen. This is ear candy of the best kind: rich, not-too-sweet, savory and addictive. Stream "Sentimental Things" and watch the "Springsteen" video after the jump...

Jay Leighton - 'Too Late To Turn Your Back On Me' (from Hours)

Jay Leighton - 'Sentimental Things' (from Hours)