Hey Marseilles - Lines We Trace

The sweeping orchestral pop of Seattle's Hey Marseilles finds an even larger, more colorful canvas with Lines We Trace (March 5, ONTO/Thirty Tigers), a grand, often theatrical melding of folk, chamber pop and artful modern cabaret leanings. “With our first record, we were inspired by traditional folk instrumentation and arrangements, but at our core we were trying to make solid pop songs,” explains frontman Matt Bishop. “We see this album as a continuation of that goal, but we hope the arrangements reflect our maturation as musicians and songwriters.” As the successor to Travels and Trunks, the sextet's excellent debut, Lines We Trace is intricate in design and remarkably nimble in execution, gloriously melodic songs that substitute any overly precious or cloying elements with a sturdy, surprisingly muscular rhythmic foundation from drummer Colin Richey. Check out the sophisticated ebb and flow of "Bright Stars Burning", a song that unfolds as an evolving series of twists and turns, Bishop's singing a melodic counterpoint to the band's fluttering instrumental prog/pop arrangement. Stream another DC fave, "Rainfall", after the jump...

Hey Marseilles - 'Bright Stars Burning' (from Lines We Trace)

Hey Marseilles - 'Rainfall' from Lines We Trace)