Hem - Departure and Farewell

Hem - Departure and Farewell (April 2, Waveland) - First full studio album of new songs since 2006 arrives after a difficult period for the Brooklyn folk/pop and Americana band that songwriter/pianist Dan Messe says "seemed beyond repair". Instead, they opted to regroup and rekindle the creative spark that has made Hem a critical favorite since their groundbreaking 2002 album Rabbit Songs...“Hem has always been about endings in one way or another (we were named after the ending of a dress, after all)," observes Messe, "but never more so than here in these songs.” Adds Ellyson, “This album is about loss, about the fear of loss and about the trajectory of life…it was one of the more emotionally resonating albums to record"...Like all Hem albums, Departure combines stately, beautifully rendered folk hymns with what the NY Times calls "the kind of film music that evokes prairie sunsets", a sound that's in abundance on the delicate and haunting lead track "Tourniquet" (free download at the Hem site)...Watch the animated video and stream "Walking Past the Graveyard, Not Breathing" after the jump...

Hem - 'Tourniquet' (from Departure and Farewell)

Hem - 'Walking Past the Graveyard...' from Departure and Farewell)