Friday Cover: Clare Maguire - "The Last Time I Saw Richard" (Joni Mitchell)

British singer Clare Maguire's dramatic, quavering voice is ideally suited, it turns out, for Joni Mitchell's brilliant and confessional "The Last Time I Saw Richard," a highlight (among many) from her classic 1971 album Blue. Backed by just piano chords, Maguire's vocals are as stark and distinctive as Mitchell's even if she can't match the original's knowing intimacy (Joni is said to have written the song about her first husband, Chuck Mitchell). Maguire is currently working on the follow up to her glossy glam-pop 2011 debut Light After Dark. Stream a couple new songs -- very unlike "Richard," it should be noted -- at her Soundcloud page.

Clare Maguire - "The Last Time I Saw Richard" (Joni Mitchell Cover) (Free Download)