Friday Cover: A Girl Called Eddy - "Baby Plays Around" (Elvis Costello)

So what do you do when you release a debut album to near-rapturous critical response? If you're Erin Moran, the New Jersey-raised singer known as A Girl Called Eddy, you quit while you're ahead. In 2004, A Girl Called Eddy, a collection of lush retro-soul and pop that sounded a bit like Tracey Thorn singing Burt Bacharach torch songs, was named one of the best albums of the year by the scribes at Uncut, The Village Voice and that famed music rag The Wall Street Journal. Moran, who had relocated to London, then dropped out of sight though recently there have been rumors that she may be returning to the studio (and her label ANTI- posted her full debut LP to Soundcloud -- 10th anniversary edition coming maybe?). Fortunately before she decided to exit stage left she also performed this non-album rarity: "Baby Plays Around," a classic written by another big Bacharach fan (and collaborator), Elvis Costello.

A Girl Called Eddy - "Baby Plays Around" (Elvis Costello Cover)