Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet

Fink, aka Fin Greenhall, is a Brighton, UK-based DJ and producer who has collaborated with both Amy Winehouse and John Legend. But he's also drawn critical claim as a singer/songwriter whose stripped folk songs have fueled four well-received studio albums in Europe. New live album Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet features thirteen concert performances with the guitar-brandishing Fink leading his acoustic "power trio" -- Guy Whittaker on bass and Tim Thornton on drums -- through extended and remarkably compelling versions of some of his best-known songs. Reminiscent at times of the fluid, improvised atmospheres of the late John Martyn and Alexi Murdoch, Greenhall and band turn his songs into extended rhythmic workouts of intricate finger-picked guitar lines and jazzy time signatures, folk tunes reinvented as reverbed, almost dub-styled, instrumental interplay. The dramatic nine-minute version of his signature "Sort of Revolution" may serve as the album's climactic showpiece but there's plenty of jammy fireworks along the way including the glistening "Berlin Sunrise" and free download (below) "Fear Is Like Fire". If you haven't found Fink yet, now's the time.

Fink - "Berlin Sunrise" (from Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet)

Fink - "Fear Is Like Fire" (from Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet)